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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Your Australia-UK FTA: Nous Group

Key information

  • Company founded: 1999
  • Number of employees: 750

Established in 1999, Nous Group is an international management consultancy firm with over 750 employees operating across Australia and New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Canada. Nous Group offers consulting services on a range of strategic challenges and transformational requirements.

The firm has contributed to agendas of major policy significance, including shaping the future of higher education, advancing Indigenous reconciliation in Australia, digitally transforming service delivery and developing new regulatory models for the future economy.

With global headquarters in Melbourne, Nous Group first established its UK presence in 2015 in London. It has a team of around 45 working in the UK, focused on the Higher Education, Health, Government and Regulatory sectors where Nous advises on organisational strategy, performance improvement and digital transformation.

With the launch of negotiations for an Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Nous Group sees increasing cross-border opportunities for its clients in the health and education sectors. Nous notes that these organisations are likely to benefit in a range of ways including talent and knowledge transfer as well as greater convergence across the data and digital regimes in both markets.

Nous sees real opportunities for the FTA to make it easier for clients in Australia to expand into the UK market, and vice versa. There is also significant scope under the FTA to enable better collaboration across borders, with firms learning from each other to develop new insights on similar challenges. This is particularly true in higher education and health, where COVID-19 has necessitated change in established practices and strategic investment in areas including digital platforms, data usage and resilience.

Peter Horne, Principal at Nous Group, sees the potential for the FTA to enhance the exchange of knowledge across the two markets saying, ‘As an international firm with roots in Australia, we look forward to taking advantage of the Australia-UK FTA to enhance our operations in the UK. We also see real potential for our clients in exchanging insights with the UK to help them navigate the post COVID-19 landscape.’

Jessica Weereratne, Senior Consultant agrees and adds, ‘Projects that operate with a global team generate results at pace – but are currently hampered by data sharing constraints. A common regulatory approach, that allows us to work more seamlessly, would help the sectors that we work in make change happen faster and more effectively.’

Case study produced in partnership with the Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce and the Australian High Commission in the UK.

Updated May 2023

Peter Horne
Peter Horne, Principal. Photo credit: Nous Group
Jessica Weereratne
Jessica Weereratne, Senior Consultant. Photo Credit: Nous Group
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