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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Your Australia-UK FTA: Informed Solutions

Key Information

  • Company founded: 1992
  • Australian HQ: Sydney
Accelerate and De-risk Digitial Business Change. Digital transformation for a smarter, safer, greener, and healthier world.

Photo Credit: Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions is a multi-Queen’s Award for Innovation international provider of technology, complex data analytics, systems integration services and enterprise platform solutions that support large-scale digital transformation.

Clients are globally recognised government, public and private sector organisations, including Civil Defence, Justice, Healthcare, Sustainable Environment, Land Asset Management, and Citizen Engagement. In Australia this includes the Digital Transformation Agency and various New South Wales government bodies. In the UK it includes NatureScot, the National Health Service, UK Police and Fire and Rescue Services, and Department for the Environment.

The multi-Queen’s Award winning data and AI-powered solutions and public services platforms delivered by Informed Solutions are used by millions of people every day, helping them and their communities connect to digital services that create smarter, safer, healthier, and cleaner places to live and work.

Elizabeth Vega, Group CEO of Informed Solutions

Elizabeth Vega, Group CEO of Informed Solutions. Photo Credit: Informed Solutions

For Elizabeth Vega, Group CEO of Informed Solutions, the benefits of working for some 15 years across Australia and the UK has strengthened the company’s business, culture, and governance. “It’s matured and made our operating model more resilient, adaptable and scalable,” Elizabeth says.

As a leader at the helm of an organisation that invests in building strong international business relationship in both nations, Elizabeth is excited about the strategic opportunities the Australia-UK FTA provides:

“The benefits of free trade between mutually supportive, like-minded countries are powerful. It challenges nations to work together to solve big problems, become more globally competitive, adaptive, resilient, and collaborative. The FTA will help drive movement of talent, create local partnerships, reciprocal investment and value-added benefits in innovation and skills.”

Case study produced in partnership with with the Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce and the Australian High Commission in the UK.

Informed Solutions on the potential benefits of an Australia-UK FTA

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