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Natural fragrances of Australia in Europe

Bondi Wash launched in 2013, with a range of fragrant, natural products featuring Australian botanicals like Emu Apple, Wattleseed Oil, Lilly Pilly Extract and Tasmanian Pepper and Lavender. All Bondi Wash products are 99-100 per cent plant-based.

Bondi Wash logo

Bondi Wash grew globally relatively quickly, exporting to Hong Kong in 2014, followed closely by Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China. In 2017 it began exporting to Europe, with the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Germany the main markets to date.

Founder and CEO Belinda Everingham says the company is planning to grow its exports into Europe. She says that although Bondi Wash is "at its heart" a fragrance brand, it is a non-traditional one, therefore a strong presence in Europe, the world's centre of fragrance, is important for the company globally.

Belinda supports the Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement and the opportunities she hopes it will create for the company through streamlined customs, better access to information and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Bottles of Bondi Wash sitting on a wooden board
Credit: Bondi Wash

How an Australia – European Union Free Trade Agreement could help:

Making trade easier for SMEs

A key priority is to achieve outcomes that assist small and medium-sized enterprises. Small companies in particular would benefit from information sharing arrangements that make it easier to find the right networks to expand their business.

Promoting trade facilitation

Our negotiations aim to make trading easier by promoting effective and efficient customs procedures and building on existing commitments under the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

Bringing down trade barriers

We are seeking to cut EU tariffs on Australian imports, reducing costs and improving the competitiveness of Australian products in the European market.

Setting high-quality rules and standards for online trade to support increased growth of e-commerce with the EU

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