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Australian macadamias – finding their way into European hearts

Macadamias Direct is an iconic Australian company based at Dunoon in subtropical northern NSW, Australia's 'Macadamia Capital'. Operating on the site of the oldest operating macadamia processing facility built in 1987, Macadamias Direct is Australia's premium supplier of macadamia nut kernels and products.


Macadamias Direct logo

Australia generates over one third of the world's supply of macadamias and macadamia farming is one of Australia's largest horticultural industries. Macadamias Direct process around 15 per cent of Australia's total macadamia production. The business has more than trebled in size in the last five years and the company plans to continue this with a strong program of growth going forward.

This business has a strong export focus, with over 80 per cent of its production demanded by customers and consumers across the world. This growth is expected to continue with extensive new plantings and production areas likely to result in a doubling of current production over the coming decade.

Much of this growth will rely upon new markets and customers being able to experience the unique flavour and texture of Australia's indigenous macadamia nuts.

macadamias on sale at a market
Credit: Macadamias Direct

How an Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement could help:

Making trade easier for SMEs

A key priority is to achieve outcomes that assist small and medium-sized enterprises. Small companies in particular would benefit from information sharing arrangements that make it easier to find the right networks to expand their business.

Promoting trade facilitation

Our negotiations aim to make the trading environment more business-friendly, with greater transparency of customs procedures to make it easier for Australian companies to do business with the EU.

Reducing tariffs on agricultural exports

We will seek elimination of the EU's tariffs on almost all agricultural goods in the free trade agreement, acknowledging there are some agricultural sensitivities in the EU. In these circumstances, we will seek new commercially meaningful market access, including through tariff-quota expansion.

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