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Official documents

Here you can locate the full text of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA and many other associated official documents.

Full text of the agreement and associated documents

The AANZFTA package signed on 27 February 2009 consists of:

  1. The text of the Agreement containing provisions on goods and services, investment, temporary movement of natural persons, electronic commerce, intellectual property, economic cooperation as well as competition policy and other issues.
  2. Schedules of Tariff
    by each of the 12 Parties, containing reduction and
    elimination commitments
  3. A Schedule containing Product Specific Rules of Origin
  4. Schedules of Specific Services commitments by each of the 12 Parties
  5. Schedules of temporary Movement of Natural Persons commitments by each of the 12 Parties
  6. An Implementing Arrangement [PDF 90 KB] containing an agreed Work Program of Economic Cooperation
  7. A letter [PDF 22 KB] from Australia's Minister for Trade to Vietnam's Minister of Industry and Trade according recognition of Vietnam's Market Economy Status
  8. A Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 12 KB] on Article 1 (Reduction and/or Elimination of Customs Duties) of the Trade in Goods Chapter relating to general exceptions
  9. An exchange of letters between Australia's Minister for Trade [PDF 34 KB] and New Zealand's Minister of Trade [PDF 289 KB] on the application of AANZFTA between Australia and New Zealand

For further information, see AANZFTA Fact Sheet - Overview [PDF 202 KB].

The First Protocol came into force on 1 October 2015 and consists of:

  1. The text of the Amendment [DOCX 2 MB] | [PDF 114 KB] outlining the changes to Chapter 2 Trade in Goods and Chapter 3 Rules of Origin.
  2. The amended Chapter 2 Trade in Goods [DOCX 56 KB] | [PDF 144 KB]
  3. The amended Chapter 3 Rules of Origin [DOCX 75 KB] | [PDF 104 KB], the Annex on Operational Certification Procedures [DOCX 68 KB] | [PDF 81 KB] to Chapter 3 Rules of Origin, the List of Minimum Data Requirements [DOCX 20 KB] | [PDF 77 KB] and the full Product Specific Rules Schedule [DOCX 930 KB] | [PDF 1.8 MB]
  4. The updated HS 2017 Product Specific Rules nomenclature are implemented by Australia as of 1 January 2019 [DOCX 488 KB] | [PDF 6.37 MB]
Last Updated: 19 December 2018
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