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Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific Two-Year System-Wide Review and Management Response

Summary of publication:

The Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP) is a $4 billion loan and grant financing facility for the Pacific and Timor-Leste. As part of the facility design, DFAT committed to a review of the AIFFP two years after establishment. The purpose of the Review was to assess the establishment phase of the AIFFP (mid-2019 to the end-2021) and whether the AIFFP is well positioned to achieve its long-term objectives.

The Review found the AIFFP is 'operating effectively and efficiently' and has made 'considerable and impressive progress'. In addition, the Review found that AIFFP staff were highly qualified and had built strong relationships with Pacific partners. The Review also found the AIFFP has positioned itself effectively as a partner of choice and is seen to be responding to Pacific needs. Based on an analysis of financial flows to the Pacific, the Review confirmed the AIFFP is the second-largest infrastructure financier in the Pacific by financing value and number of projects

DFAT agrees with the overall findings of the Review including that the AIFFP is on track to meeting it's long-term objectives. DFAT accepts, or partially accepts, seven out of 10 of the recommendations put forward in the Review Report and notes the remaining three.

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