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Australian Volunteers

Australian Volunteers Program Logic


Global volunteering supports locally-led change and the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals


Australia has strong, mutual relationships with people and communities across the Pacific, Asia and Africa that contribute to achieving equitable development outcomes

End of program outcomes


Partner organisations are supported to progress their development objectives

Key stakeholders in Australia and partner countries appreciate the value of volunteering

Program participants gain greater cultural awareness and build stronger connections across countries

Intermediate outcomes


Partner organisations have strengthened their capacity and gained from the program

Partner organisations have a strategic rationale for participation in the program, provide a safe and productive working environment, and contribute to quality assignments

Relevant and diverse partnerships with partner organisations are established, maintained and supported by DFAT, the program and Australian organisations

The benefit of volunteering is recognized and promoted by partner organisations, Australian organisations, volunteers and DFAT to their networks

Innovations, learning and program achievements are promoted and shared in the international volunteering and development community by the program and key stakeholders

Innovative approaches to, and alternative models of volunteering are designed and tested to expand the program's reach and adaptive capability

Program participants gain professionally and personally

Volunteers complete their assignment well and learn from their partner organisation

The program is inclusive of and accessible to a diverse range of people

Guiding Principles

  • Value volunteering
  • Support locally-led capacity strengthening
  • Build strong relationship and partnerships
  • Evolve best practice and embrace innovation
  • Enhance diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure accountabliilty and value learning
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