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UK/Australia Season 2021-22


The UK/Australia 2021-22 Season is a significant opportunity to strengthen and build connections. Artists, professionals and community leaders from the UK and Australia will come together to examine our current context as two diverse and forward-looking nations.

Projects across all art forms are welcome to apply. Projects are not limited to touring works; they can include residencies, festivals, symposia, workshops, site-specific work, digital work, exhibitions and broadcast.

The Season - will be an exploration of the diversity of contemporary identity in both countries, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures of Australia, and the nations of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, as well as the rich societies that have emerged in both the UK and Australia through migration.

What is the Season’s theme?

The theme provides opportunities to celebrate the best of our arts and cultural life, with points of connection and collaboration around our successes in creative and technical innovation.

What does the UK/Australia Season want to achieve?

The Season is underpinned by three objectives:

1. Promote mutual understanding

The Season will promote genuine cultural engagement between Australia and the UK. We hope this will lead to deeper people-to-people understanding of where we have come from, who we are now and where we could go together.

2. Develop international relationships and cooperation

The Season will build long-term networks. As well as providing opportunities for artists in both countries, The Season will support increased knowledge of the working contexts of international touring and collaboration. We will also create platforms for higher education institutions to explore shared interests and issues, and build networks for research and collaboration.

3. Create a catalyst for prosperity

Increased opportunity in key markets for UK and Australian arts organisations, and collaboration networks for advanced research and development. It will cultivate deeper business relationships at a time of enormous trade potential.


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UK/Australia Season 2021-22

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