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Australia now ASEAN Social Enterprise and Gender Equality Dialogue in Cambodia

The Social Good Outpost, together with Australia now, DFAT and the Australian Embassy Phnom Penh, is delighted to announce its latest program of thought-provoking workshops in Cambodia as part of the Australia now ASEAN 2019 'Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders Speakers Series'.

Curated by Elise Stephenson (former New Colombo Plan scholar and Director of the Social Good Outpost), the week-long series is part of a broader 18-month public dialogue program running across the ASEAN region to showcase the vitality and innovative ability of our youth, foster collaboration and exchange, and build relationships for the future.

Room full of people listening to a panel discussion
Q&A panel with Australian Entrepreneurs Elise & Lara and Cambodian entrepreneurs, on branding social enterprise with Impact Hub Phnom Penh and SHE Investments. Photo credit: Social Good Outpost.

The Social Good Outpost's sister-led team, Lara and Elise Stephenson, designed the program in collaboration with a number of local organisations to cover a range of locally relevant issues such as politics, gender equity, creativity and design, start-ups for change and social enterprise. Participating organisations included SHE Investments, Impact Hub, Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, Politikoffee and Future Forum.

"Like Australia, Cambodia has a social enterprise scene that is really beginning to thrive. Social enterprise is such an interesting and empowering way of tackling social issues, from poverty and disenfranchisement, to gender equality."

"Young people are smart, energetic and driven. So much magic happens when you bring young people together to think and collaborate. That's what we are trying to do with our program here in Cambodia."

Elise Stephenson

group of people posing for a class photo
Emerging entrepreneurs, business leaders, changemakers, and doers gather at social enterprise workshops and Q&As with Impact Hub, SHE Investments and Social Good Outpost in Phnom Penh. Photo credit: Social Good Outpost.

The program, focussing heavily on skills and knowledge transfer, saw Social Good Outpost and the Australian Embassy work directly with 300 dynamic and enthusiastic young people. Some travelled more than four hours to attend. Engaged participants shared stories and experiences on issues including women's leadership in politics, social entrepreneurship, and communication around LGBTI+ awareness, diversity and empowerment.

The Social Good Outpost take their Youth Entrepreneurs & Leaders speaker series to Laos next. Highlights will include Bullying & Mental Health seminars, Youth Dialogue with schools and NGOs, along with workshops and panel discussions with local community and human rights groups on LGBTI+ rights, progress and empowerment.

Stay tuned for updates on the Australia now ASEAN - Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders Speakers Series to learn more about the great work being done.

two people talking
Elise Stephenson talking about collaborating on gender equality, entrepreneurship and social change projects with Cambodian businesses and the social impact community as part of the Youth Entrepreneurs & Leaders Speaker Series in Phnom Penh for Australia now. Photo credit: Social Good Outpost.
Last Updated: 26 August 2019
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