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2018 ACDGP grantees

Presentation of Australian artists at Beijing Media Art Biennale (BMAB) by UNSW Art & Design

People in a dark room looking at a wall with a broadcast on it
Brad Miller, Being Watched, (installation view), 2018, Image courtesy of the artist and Beijing Media Arts Biennale, Beijing. Photo credit: Adam Hinshaw

Sector: Visual media, art and design

Grantee: UNSW Art & Design

Project description

Beijing Media Arts Biennale, will showcase the compelling work of Australian artists: Michaela Davies, Nancy-Mauro-Flude, Guy Ben-Ary, Helen Pynor, Mari Velonaki, Kynan Tan, Brad Miller, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, and others. Their works explore the erosion of certainty around binary oppositions in art and science in the 21st century. In response to the "Post Life" theme (genetics, what it means to be human/animal, what are the boundaries and why do they exist) this exhibition will create a dialogue across the four broad categories: Biological, Computational, Synthetic and Hybridity. Artworks and artists will create an interplay between and around the works as a hyperlink show, audio-visual performances, theme forums and workshops.

Beijing Media Arts Biennale will be co-curated with the organising committee of UNSW Art & Design curator Felicity Fenner and media artist and educator Brad Miller, working with established and emerging artists presenting newly commissioned and existing works. The Beijing Media Arts Biennale, held in conjunction with Beijing Design Week, will welcome over 200,000 guests. The Beijing Media Arts Biennale is hosted every two years at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

Key dates

  • Education opening 8 September 2018
  • Exhibition closing 28 September 2018

Country: China

Total project value: $ 45,000 (other grant still pending)

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grant: $20,000

Last Updated: 14 November 2018
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