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2017 ACDGP grantees

Milingimbi Art and Culture US travelling exhibition

Raymond Bulambula holding a didjeridu
Raymond Bulambula with Marratjiri recently acquired by the Berndt Museum W.A. (photo credit: Milingimbi Art and Culture 2017)
  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Country location: United States of America
  • Grantee: Milingimbi Art and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation

Project description

Milingimbi Art and Culture senior artists Raymond Bulambula and Joyce Naliyabu have secured a Melon Fellowship grant to research the Kluge Ruhe Collection at the University of Virginia, USA, with the Centre's Manager, in September to October 2017. The artists will engage with the Ruhe's extensive collection of Arnhem Land artworks while sharing their deep cultural knowledge and skills. They will be teaching students and providing artistic and cultural demonstrations. The artists will be making a 'Marratjiri' (ceremonial object) constructed from wood, Balgurr (bush string), feathers and ochre as well as weaving pandanus objects with students on site at the University.

On 3 September an exhibition of works by Milingimbi artists will open at the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C. Raymond and Joyce will attend the opening and deliver a series of talks about the artworks on display.

Key dates

  • Educational Exchange, Kluge Ruhe Museum, University of Virginia, USA, 5 September to 07 October 2017
  • Marradjiri construction, Kluge Ruhe - University of Virginia, USA, September 2017
  • Exhibition at Australian Embassy Washington, USA, 3 October to 3 November 2017
  • Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program grant offer: $28,409.68 plus $2,840 GST
  • Total project value: $87,924.86
Last Updated: 16 August 2017
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