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Happy Harmony Week!

15 to 21 March is Harmony Week. Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. New Colombo Plan’s Savitri Thurairatnam and Qisthy Kodarusman share personal insights and experiences to help us celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity.

Savitri Thurairatnam, 2020 New Colombo Plan Fellow for Bhutan (Deakin University)

I am an Australian-born Sri Lankan. My parents immigrated here with just the basic travel essentials, sentimental about what they were leaving behind, and excited for the opportunities that lay ahead. I am honoured to add to my family heritage through the NCP program, and be a link to the original Colombo Plan, which gave opportunities for some of my family to study in Australia. This country is a multicultural nation, and I am eager to use my own cultural awareness to develop deeper and more meaningful connections across the Indo-Pacific and within Australia.

Savitri Thurairatnam
Savitri Thurairatnam. Photo credit: Logan Thurairatnam.

Qisthy Kodarusman, 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholar for Republic of Korea (WSU)

As an Australian-born Indonesian, NCP allows me to represent modern Australia and its culturally diverse peoples in an extraordinary way. Immersing myself in the Indo-Pacific region has provided me with personal friendships and networks, and I am shifting people’s perspective about what a ‘young Australian’ looks like today. I look forward to returning to Korea and continuing to build relations that transcend cultural differences and geographic boundaries.

Qisthy with Lee Hojin
Photo: Qisthy (left) with Lee Hojin, Korean language teacher at Lexis Korea, February 2020. Photo credit: Lara Sky.

Happy Harmony Week! #Everyonebelongs

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