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Adelaide is investing in the Indo-Pacific with the New Colombo Plan

For 2022 NCP Scholar Adelaide Pope, her scholarship journey represents an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the Indo-Pacific.

Photo of Adelaide Pope exploring Malaysia's historical streets and buildings.
Credit: Adelaide Pope.

For Adelaide, Malaysia’s celebration of its diversity and respect for peoples of all backgrounds made it a clear choice for her NCP program.

“Malaysia is a unique melting pot of history, culture and religion.”

Since arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Adelaide notes this diversity is manifested in the physical characteristics of the city that is awash with colour.

“My daily transit taking me through jungles, street markets, and a bustling, high-tech metropolis.”

This vibrant atmosphere extends to Adelaide’s Universiti Malaya campus, a base where she is making connections with people from all over the world and learning about their cultural backgrounds as they explore Kuala Lumpur together.

Passionate about sustainable and ethical finance, Adelaide will undertake a semester of study at Universiti Malaya, completing courses in Islamic Finance, Environmental Economics, and ASEAN in the 21st Century.

“In my perspective, whatever the world's attention might be focused on in the future—be that climate-consciousness, poverty reduction, the fourth industrial revolution, or general elevation of living standards—finance is inescapable. Our investments need to both enable and reflect our goals of sustainable economic development at all levels of society, business and government.”


Backed by this belief, Adelaide plans to intern at the World Bank’s Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Finance Hub in Kuala Lumpur, followed by a planned internship with Asia Development Bank in Jakarta to advance her commercial skills.

This opportunity to learn and grow as an individual is what drew Adelaide to apply for an NCP scholarship. Adelaide highly recommends the program for students looking for a supportive environment to thrive in their chosen field.

“The support scholars receive throughout their journeys—from pre-departure training, planning and risk assessment; to ongoing consultation and guidance whilst overseas; to the joining of the growing network of outstanding alumni—is incredible.”

For Adelaide, above all, the pandemic has heightened the importance of not waiting and seizing every opportunity when it presents itself.

“I think after two years of such turbulence, if you have an opportunity you should take it, as you don’t know how long your window will be open.”

Photo of Adelaide Pope exploring Malaysia's street markets.
Credit: Adelaide Pope.


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