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Board members

Chair – Mr Alberto Calderon

Managing Director and CEO of Orica

Mr Alberto Calderon

Ms Valeria Alvano Toloza

Regional General Manager at LATAM Airlines Group for South Pacific, Sydney, NSW.

Ms Valeria Alvano Toloza

Ms Natalie Collard

Renewable Energy & Women's Leadership Advocate, Victoria

Ms Natalie Collard

Professor Robyn Eversole

Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria & Tasmania

Ms Robyn Eversole

Ms Cristina Dardis Talacko

Owner and Founder of SalDoce Fine Foods, NSW

Ms Maria Cristina Dardis Talacko


Mr Nigel Warren

Executive Director Growth, CSIRO

Nigel Warren


Mr Rob Whiddon


Rob Whiddon

Ex-officio Members

Mr Christopher Langman

Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Christopher Langman

Ms Margaret Bowen

A/General Manager, Government and Partnerships, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)


Ms Karen Welsh

Branch Manager, International Education, Australian Government Department of Education

Karen Welsh
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