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Australia-India Council grant recipients 2020-21

Towards an integrated response to dengue infections in Mumbai, India

Application ID: AIC-2020-003

Organisation: CSIRO

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $118,500, nil GST

Total project value $196,500

Project description

Dengue fever cases are on the rise in Mumbai over the last 10-year period. It is also likely that the reported cases are just the tip of an iceberg as most remain undiagnosed and unreported, increasing the transmission and outbreak potential. Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a need for an integrated strategy to curb the impact of transmissible diseases. There is a lack of pertinent data sharing associated with dengue, such as case reporting and entomological field data, which can be used to curtail the outbreaks early.

Integrated data analysis would dramatically change the response outcomes by identification of geographic areas to target mosquito control and community information campaigns, reducing further transmission. With the help of in-country partners, this project, conducting remote major stakeholder engagement will identify key gaps in the implementation of such integrated systems and will generate a policy paper recommending a framework for early and targeted outbreak response.

Sector: Health

AIC priority area: Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Stakeholder engagement Mumbai, India from 25/06/2021
Focus interviews Mumbai, India 01/10/2021 to 31/01/2022
Final workshop Mumbai, India and remote from Australia 08-12/08/2022
Policy paper and submission of journal article Mumbai Municipal Corp and government bodies 31/10/2022

Social media

Word cloud based on an abstract of the project – Mumbai, dengue, data, stakeholders, mosquito etc. For more information contact
Towards dengue-free Mumbai. (Image credit: Prasad Paradkar, based on project abstract.)

Developing financing mechanism to extend off-grid electricity in rural India

Application ID: AIC-2020-022

Organisation: University of Canberra

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $13,952.40 incl GST

Total project value $76,039

Project description

This project offers a solution to provide access to electricity in rural India with Australia and India both benefitting from the strategic institutional relationship. A technological breakthrough achieved by CI Pota of UNSW could be extended to rural India by developing an appropriate financing mechanism for the equipment manufacturers and users. This project aims to design, develop, and test a sustainable financing mechanism for the rapid uptake of off-grid electricity supply for rural India on a long-term basis.

Initially, the financing mechanisms (public-private partnership) used by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation of Australia (CEFC) could be integrated with the ground-level financing requirement of rural India. The project harnesses the expertise of Indian experts. Project leader Sathye commands two decades of practical financing experience, and has conducted the performance audit of CEFC. CI Thaker and CI Ghosh are renewable energy experts from the Indian Institute of Management. The solutions would be developed in consultation with several stakeholders.

Sector: Energy and Environment

AIC priority area: Promote exchange and collaboration between Australian and Indian organizations in fields of relevance to the bilateral economic partnership

Key dates

Event Location Dates
National-level meeting Online Oct-Dec 2021
State-level meeting Online Jan-Mar 2022
District-level meeting Online Jan-Mar 2022
Tehsil-level meeting Online Jan-Mar 2022
Village-level meeting Online Jan-Mar 2022
Workshop Online Apr-Jun 2022
Workshop Online Apr-Jun 2022
Implementation & Testing (Household) India Apr-Jun 2022
Implementation & Testing (Manufacturer) India Apr-Jun 2022
Presentation of report Australia/India Sep-22

Social media

Infographic with partners and stakeholders and flow diagram. For more information contact
Financing mechanism for off-grid electricity in rural India. (Image credit: Mr Muhammad Ali)

Industry-university partnerships for SDG-focused internships in Australia and India

Application ID: AIC-2020-029

Organisation: Deakin University

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 93,736.50 incl GST

Total project value $ 184,155.00

Project description

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged global economies and resulted in significantly compromised student employment outcomes. Both India and Australia, have signed on to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and recognise the role of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rebuilding economies and increasing employment post-COVID. Through industry-university collaboration, this project will develop a digital portal hosting a sustained virtual Community of Practice committed to creating high-quality SDGs-focused internships in Australia and India.

A digital portal will host the key insights and resources from this project to facilitate knowledge sharing among all key stakeholders and the wider community. Stakeholders from universities, industries and policy makers from both countries will be engaged on this portal which will be self-sustaining. Policy recommendations will be developed to identify strategies for constructively engaging student interns in SDGs focused projects. The internships generated by this digital hub/portal will prepare responsible and employable students which will be of vital importance to both Australia and India.

Sector: Education

AIC priority area:

  • Raise awareness of Australia in India, and of India in Australia
  • Deliver high-quality programs that demonstrate Australia’s credentials and excellence

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Web-based workshop Melbourne, Australia 02/08/2021
6 x web-based workshop India: New Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune 30/09/2021
3 x virtual one-day masterclass hosted by FICCI New Delhi, India 30/02/2022
Launch of digital portal Melbourne, Australia 29/11/2022

Social media

An infographic of the project showing partners and participants. For more information contact
Digital hub hosting internships for Indian and Australian students. (Image credit: Belinda Roberts)

Online dialogue series on public administration, governance and policy foci

Application ID: AIC-2020-197

Organisation: ANZSOG

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 93,500.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 93,500.00

Project description

The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) will partner with the Government of India (GoI) to design and deliver a series of three 3-hour online dialogues. Each dialogue will address a public administration, governance or policy area of mutual interest and high priority to Australian and Indian governments.

ANZSOG and GoI would co-chair and invite 2-3 academics, 2-3 practitioners (current or former government officials) and 1 private sector representative from each participating nation to each dialogue. Participants would have demonstrated academic expertise or applied leadership or policy practice in the topic area.

ANZSOG and GoI will each commission a local academic (per dialogue) to author a research paper providing an exploration into the dialogue topic, providing contemporary expert thinking on a live shared challenge. Papers will be pre-circulated to participants, forming the basis of a robust discussion underpinned by academic rigour and best practice.

Sector: Education, Public Administration & Governance

AIC priority area: Promote Exchange/Collaboration, Deliver High Quality Programs

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Online dialogue #1 Online November 2021
Online dialogue #2 Online April 2022
Online dialogue #3 Online September 2022
Policy paper and reporting Online October 2022

Social media

ANZSOG's banner with text 'sharing your future'
Banner. (Image credit: Colin McDiarmid)

Australia-India Collaboration to Promote Sustainable Livestock Production

Application ID: AIC-2020-198

Organisation: The University of Melbourne

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 44,000.00 incl GST this f/y, Total Project Value $172,000.00

Project description

Researchers from the University of Melbourne are collaborating with Bihar Animal Science University, Indian Veterinary Research Institute and National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, and Adisseo A Blue Star Company, to demonstrate and promote innovative

nutritional strategies, developed in Australia, to sustain livestock production during hot summer months in India.

Global warming is a significant challenge for the sustainability of livestock production. As the heatwaves are becoming more frequent, hotter and longer, increased environmental temperature compromises animal productivity leading to huge economic losses to the livestock sector over summer.

Australia and India are amongst the world’s largest livestock producers and these industries are critical to the economies in both countries. This project aims to build partnerships between the two countries and promote knowledge exchange through online workshops, and capacity building through the remotely guided feeding trials on nutritional supplementation to maintain livestock production during summer months in India.

Sector: Agribusiness

AIC priority area: Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
1st Technical Workshop and Demonstration Hybrid event – Melbourne and Patna 22-23 Sept 2021
2nd Technical Workshop and Demonstration Hybrid event – Melbourne and Bengaluru 11-13 Apr 2022
3rd Technical Workshop and Demonstration Hybrid event – Melbourne and Izatnagar 21-22 Dec 2022

Social media

A group photo of University of Melbourne staff with workshop participants in Bengaluru on 07 Feb 2020.
Researchers from The University of Melbourne (Dr Surinder Chauhan, Dr Kristy DiGiacomo, Professors Frank Dunshea and Robyn Warner) with the Indian participants during Australia-India Workshop, ICAR-NIANP Bengaluru 07 Feb 20. (Image credit: Rajinder Kumar, Bengaluru)

Novel medical device for neurosurgery: pre-clinical assessment and clinical application

Application ID: AIC-2020-208

Organisation: University of Wollongong

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 104,500.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 179,000.00

Project description

Conduct pre-clinical testing at the University of Wollongong, Australia, on a novel device for neurosurgery invented and patented in India by Neutactic India Pvt Ltd, and subsequently, perform clinical procedures on patients in select government hospitals in India.

The Neutactic device overcomes key limitations of existing devices in performing neurosurgery procedures such as radiofrequency ablation of brain tumours, deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and other neurological disorders. The device offers a readily accessible alternative for stereotactic interventions in children under 3 years of age, where currently established devices cannot be used.

The project intends to utilise the novel form factor of the device to perform diagnostic imaging studies at the University of Wollongong. The studies will enable scientific assessment related to stereotactic neurosurgery of brain tumours. In addition, the diagnostic imaging studies will inform complementary clinical procedures to be performed using the Neutactic device in India, particularly in hospitals where access to conventional stereotactic equipment is limited.

Sector: Health, Science & Innovation

AIC priority area: Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Technology showcase at IEEE NSS/MIC Conference Japan 16-23/10/2021
Technology showcase at ISSFN CME India 22-29/04/2022
Technology showcase at AusMedTech Melbourne 16-20/05/2022
Technology showcase at ISRS Conference Italy 19-23/06/2022

Social media

An infographic showing a transparent human figure in an imaging machine with the device positioned on head; also showing team members and their country. For more information contact
AIC-supported team from Neutactic Pvt Ltd, India and the University of Wollongong, Australia. The collaborative team will showcase their application of a novel medical device for neurosurgery. (Image credit: none)

Sustainable Commercial Fisheries Collaboration in India for Food Security

Application ID: AIC-2020-223

Organisation: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 72,270.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 84,760.00

Project description

To develop co-operation between India and Western Australia (WA) in the wild-caught harvest and post-harvest of India's commercial fishing sector to address India’s food and protein security. This will be achieved by the deployment of WA equipment, technology, services, and skills training.

The Indian Ocean – shared by India and WA – is an opportunity to collaborate on responsible and sustainable commercial fishing practices to ensure the economic development of wild-caught fisheries and address the regional demand for food and low carbon footprint protein security.

WA has well-established best practices in the efficient harvest and post-harvest fisheries practices ensuring sustainability and economic growth. There is the opportunity to exchange WA technology, equipment, skills development, and VET training partnering with India’s fisheries to improve catching methods, processing, and cold chain logistics to increase the quality and value of the catch, and improve the livelihood of India’s fisherfolk numbering 14.5 million people.

Already recognized for its mining and METS pedigree, WA has an opportunity to collaborate with one of India’s largest Agri- sectors, commercial fisheries (worth USD 7 billion in exports) to provide bilateral trade and investment opportunities for WA and India companies. The project amplifies Ag-tech and services engagement.

Sector: Agribusiness, Education, Economic Cooperation

AIC priority area:

  • Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration
  • Deliver High Quality Programs

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Promote Workshops Perth, Geraldton, Fremantle, Bunbury 16-30/09/2021
Workshop 2 Perth 07/10/2021
Workshop 3 Fremantle 12/10/2021
Workshop 4 Geraldton 21/10/2021

Social media

Fishing boats in harbour
Fremantle Commercial fishing harbour, Western Australia. (Image credit: iStock library; subscribed by CCI)

Online science journalism to showcase Australian and Indian research

Application ID: AIC-2020-233

Organisation: The Conversation Media Group

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 60,500.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 85,000.00

Project description

The Conversation will partner with Indian company, AKA Dialog, to build capacity in evidence-based journalism, identify and produce science journalism by Indian and Australian researchers, and showcase scientific research and expertise for public audiences.

The Conversation will train AKA Dialog’s editors to use its editorial procedures and web platform. The partners will then work together to identify topics relevant to the bilateral relationship and help Australian and Indian academics translate their research and expertise into plain language for the public.

Content will showcase new research findings; build public understanding of science relevant to challenges such as COVID-19, climate change, energy and food; and reflect themes of the Australian and Indian national research agendas.

Content will be published on The Conversation’s website, free for other media to republish and distributed to readers via a free newsletter and social channels. Outreach and online advertising in Australia and India will help target thought leaders to accelerate growth and impact.

The project lays the foundations for long-term partnerships to unlock academic knowledge for Indian audiences.

Sector: Science, Tech & Innovation, Education, Energy, Health

AIC priority area: Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Publish first articles online 01-31/07/2021
Author conference or webinar Delhi/online 01/02/2022

Social media

The Conversation logo
Dialog: Alliance for Knowledge Advancement logo
AKADialog logo (Design credit: AKADialog Pvt Ltd)

Building India’s Blue-Green Network: a strategic framework for Bengaluru

Application ID: AIC-2020-236

Organisation: McGregor Coxall Australia

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 87,230.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 99,125.00

Project description

The project brings together Australian and Indian firms, academic and government actors, via online forums and digital platforms, to develop a strategic framework for Bengaluru’s Blue-Green Grid to deliver enhanced social, environmental and economic outcomes at regional and local levels.

Cities and natural environments around the globe are facing significant challenges and increasingly uncertain futures. Building India’s Blue-Green Network: A Strategic Framework for Bengaluru is a project that unites leading Australian and Indian design firms to collaborate with academic and government actors in knowledge sharing, cross-cultural investigations, and development of innovative approaches to strategic planning across environmental, water, urban, and landscape design.

The Blue-Green Network can be understood as a conceptual framework which considers key elements of the natural environment (waterways, vegetation, landform) with relation to priorities of human built environments (transport and mobility, urban development, public open space, parks, civil infrastructure). Person-to-person connections and institutional relationships will be facilitated through online forums, creating a platform for experts and thought leaders to guide the development of a strategic framework. The establishment of a shared vision and integrated road map for Bengaluru’s Blue-Green Network will assist in driving future development of the city with enhanced environmental, social and economic benefits at regional and local levels.

Sector: Agriculture & Water Resources Management, Health, Infrastructure, Science & Innovation

AIC priority areas: Promote Exchange and Collaboration, Deliver High-Quality Programs

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Workshop / roundtables Online – Bengaluru & Australia 15/06-01/07/2021
Workshop / roundtables Online – Bengaluru & Australia 01/08-01/09/2021
Design charrette[1] Online – Bengaluru & Australia 01-15/09/2021
Workshop / roundtables Online – Bengaluru & Australia 15-31/10/2021

[1] – A charrette, often Anglicized to charette and sometimes called a design charrette, is an intense period of design or planning activity. The word charrette may refer to any collaborative session in which a group of designers draft a solution to a design problem.

Social media

Infographic showing India and blown-out view of Bengaluru. For more information contact
Bengaluru and its natural systems, the Blue-Green Network: connection between waterways, green parks, cultural places and public spaces, making up the fabric of the city, delivering holistic outcomes to benefit communities. (Image credit: McGregor Coxall, 2021.

Heavy-Haul Indian Railway: Towards Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Design

Application ID: AIC-2020-247

Organisation: University of Technology Sydney

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 115,500.00 incl GST

Total project value $ 177,465.00

Project description

The project aims to examine the performance of heavy-haul railway to minimise impact from climate change and complex ground. The project outcomes will lead to improved track design and analyses to achieve safer, cheaper, faster, reliable and sustainable rail freight.

A set of design charts on the basis of advanced numerical analyses in commercial finite element package conveniently employed in industries will be provided. In particular, numerical simulations using a novel railway model will facilitate providing the essential fundamental knowledge imperative to designing high-capacity railway corridors for modern heavy haulage freight train services, with special reference to mechanically improved granular foundations, thereby ensuring the stability for major infrastructure routes, resulting in substantial time and costs savings for haulage of bulk commodities and general cargo in India.

Virtual laboratory testing and short course will help disseminate project outcomes to a wider community.

Sector: Education, Infrastructure, Science & Innovation

AIC priority area: Promote Exchange & Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Opening ceremony Sydney 30/08/2021
Workshop Sydney 22/02/2022
Short course Sydney 02-12/08/2022
Report Sydney 30/08/2022

Social media

Dr Sanjay Nimbalkar and DProf Daichao Sheng at UTS, in an office, by a window.
Doctor Sanjay Nimbalkar and Distinguished Professor Daichao Sheng, University of Technology Sydney, 25 May 2021. (Image credit: none provided)

Australia India Partnerships for Critical Minerals Workshop Series

Application ID: AIC-2020-276

Organisation: Australia India Chamber of Commerce

Australia-India Council Grant Offer: $ 35,000.00, nil GST  

Total project value $ 70,000.00

Project description

The workshops will bring together key government, corporate and industry experts to encourage partnerships with members of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue for building an alternative critical mineral supply chain in Australia and India in 2021.

Australia represents a globally significant source of raw and processed critical minerals. India represents a globally significant export market for processing, consumption and further secondary exports.

In June 2020, Australia and India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), where both countries agreed to explore opportunities to increase bilateral trade, investment, research and development and alternative supply and value chains in critical minerals. The Australia India Chamber of Commerce – with the support of partners and key industry stakeholders from both Australia and India – is working to develop a series of targeted workshops to identify credible opportunities and provide practical recommendations to stakeholder governments on new critical minerals opportunities to encourage Indo Pacific partnerships for investment into the supply chain of Critical Minerals.

Sector: Mining & Processing of Critical & Strategic Minerals

AIC priority area: Enhancing Science, Technology and Research Collaboration

Key dates

Event Location Dates
Workshop 1 Melbourne and Delhi June 2021
Workshop 2 Melbourne and Delhi July 2021
Workshop 3 Melbourne and Delhi September 2021
Workshop 4 Melbourne and Delhi November 2021
Event for Reporting Melbourne and Delhi December 2021

Social media

Supply Chain Workshop Series – Critical Minerals – May-November 2021, on a background of an open-cut mine with a mining tipper truck.
Supply Chain Workshop Series: Critical Minerals. (Design credit: AICC Ltd)


ID                      Grant Recipient Project Title Grant GST included?
AIC-2020-003 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Towards an integrated response to dengue infections in Mumbai, India $118,500.00 No
AIC-2020-022 University of Canberra Developing financing mechanism to extend off-grid electricity in rural India $13,952.40 Yes
AIC-2020-029 Deakin University Industry-university partnerships for SDG focused internships in Australia and India $93,736.50 Yes
AIC-2020-197 The Australia and New Zealand School of Government Online dialogue series on public administration, governance and policy foci $93,500.00 Yes
AIC-2020-198 The University of Melbourne Australia-India Collaboration to Promote Sustainable Livestock Production $44,000.00 Yes
AIC-2020-208 The University of Wollongong Novel medical device for neurosurgery: Pre-clinical assessment and clinical application $104,500.00 Yes
AIC-2020-223 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia Limited Sustainable Commercial Fisheries Collaboration in India for Food Security. $72,270.00 Yes
AIC-2020-233 The Conversation Media Group Limited Online science journalism to showcase Australian and Indian research $60,500.00 Yes
AIC-2020-236 McGregor Coxall Australia Pty Ltd Building India’s Blue-Green Grid: a strategic framework for Bengaluru $87,230.00 Yes
AIC-2020-247 University of Technology Sydney Heavy-Haul Indian Railway: Towards Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Design $115,500.00 Yes
AIC-2020-276 Australia India Chamber of Commerce Limited Australia India Partnerships for critical minerals workshop series $35,000.00 No
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