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50th Session of the Human Rights Council

National Statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 17 June 2022

Australia thanks the Independent Expert for his report which reminds us of the lived experience of LGBTI persons which is often characterised by exclusion, inequality, and violence. It is for this reason that this mandate is so critical to the realisation of human rights for all. We call on Council Members to support the renewal of this mandate.

Australia is committed to ensuring no one is left behind in our health policies and programs. We have developed LGBTI-sensitive palliative care and national suicide prevention schemes, and aged care and youth mental health programs.

Internationally, we collaborate with partners to address barriers to HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infection care faced by LGBTIQ+ persons across the globe.

But challenges remain. In all countries, the needs of LGBTI persons must be incorporated into health reforms to rectify unequal access to primary and mental health care, including for sexual and reproductive health services.

Data is key to evidence-based policy. We ask the Independent Expert for advice on safely and respectfully promoting the collection of data disaggregated by sexual orientation and gender identity.

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