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50th Session of the Human Rights Council

National Statement during the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner on Nicaragua, 16 June 2022

We thank the High Commissioner for her oral update.

We are deeply concerned by reports of gross human rights violations in Nicaragua. Nicaragua must promptly and impartially investigate widespread human rights violations, and ensure accountability for perpetrators.

The human rights situation in Nicaragua continues to deteriorate dramatically. We are concerned by increasing reports of arbitrary detention of human rights defenders and journalists. We urge Nicaragua to cease attacks and harassment against journalists, political activists, and human rights defenders.

We are concerned by recently enacted laws that could be used to restrict the ability of Nicaraguans to participate in the political process. This is just one example of the erosion of the rule of a functioning civil society.

We urge Nicaragua to engage with the international community and to avail itself of multilateral and regional technical assistance, to assist with re-establishing dialogue and renewing trust in democracy.

We ask how the international community can support Nicaragua to open political debate and engage civil society to build toward free, fair and credible elections?

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