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Requests to waive travel bans

What if I want to request a travel ban be waived?

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for implementing all visa restrictions in respect of travel bans listed under Australian sanctions law. This includes autonomous travel bans imposed by Australia, as well as UNSC travel bans implemented by Australia through there incorporation into Australian sanctions law.

Any enquiries or requests to waive a travel ban should be made to the Department of Home Affairs. The Department of Home Affairs will liaise with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on any enquiries or requests, as the Minister for Foreign Affairs is responsible for decisions regarding travel ban waivers.

The following table provides a general guide only to the circumstances in which the waiver of a travel ban may be considered:

  Circumstances in which a waive may be considered Regulation
UNSC travel ban

The Minister for Foreign Affairs may waive a travel ban only if:

  • the applicant is not a UNSC designated person; or
  • a UNSC Committee has authorised the applicant’s travel to or transit through Australia; or
  • granting a visa is justified by compelling circumstances, including Australia’s international obligations.
Migration (United Nations Security Council Resolutions) Regulations 2007
Autonomous travel ban

The Minister for Foreign Affairs may waive an autonomous travel ban where:

  • it would be in the national interest to do so; or
  • there are humanitarian grounds to do so
Regulations 6 and 19 of the Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011 and Regulation 2.43(1)(aa) and the Public Interest Criterion 4003(c) of the Migration Regulations 1994).


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