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Taiwan is an important trading partner for Australia. Our relationship generates business and investment for Australian and Taiwanese companies and jobs for people of both economies. Australia and Taiwan also encourage people-to-people contacts in areas such as the arts, culture, education, science, tourism and sport.

Economic, trade and political information

Travel information

Australian representation in Taiwan

In the absence of formal representation in Taiwan, the Australian Office in Taipei unofficially represents Australia's interests. The Australian Office's business arm, the Commercial Section, promotes Australian exports to Taiwan and two-way investment between Australia and Taiwan, and is the first contact point for Australian firms wanting to do business in Taiwan. The media and culture unit supports cultural, scientific and other exchanges. The Australian Office also provides passport and consular services to Australian citizens. Grants supporting educational, cultural and business links with Taiwan are offered by the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations.

Contact details

For travel advice and visa information, please visit the links above. For all other enquiries, contact us on +61 (02) 6261 1111.

Consular support for Taiwanese visitors in Australia

For Taiwan passport holders requiring consular assistance in Australia, please contact the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office’s consular line on +61-2-6120 1030 or email

For emergencies contact +61- 418 284 531

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