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Development for all: Evaluation of progress made in strengthening disability inclusion in Australian aid

3 December 2018

Australia was the first donor country to have a strategy to make development assistance disability-inclusive, Development for All, towards a disability-inclusive Australian aid program 2009-2014.

The strategy was a culmination of long-term advocacy by civil society organisations and Australia's ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Australia's commitment to disability-inclusive development has continued with a subsequent, more ambitious strategy, Development for All 2015-2020, Strategy for strengthening disability-inclusive development in Australia's aid program. This second Development for All strategy is now at the midpoint of its implementation, making it an opportune time for the Office of Development Effectiveness to evaluate how well the strategy is being implemented and assess progress made in strengthening disability inclusion. The evaluation will also identify work needed to improve inclusion in the Australian aid program, which will help inform the third Development for All strategy.


Review of the development of Australia's first disability-inclusive development strategy

ODE brief

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