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Climate change evaluation

This evaluation identifies key factors that have led to the success of DFAT's climate change aid investments within bilateral and regional aid programming. It also considers DFAT's internal structures, systems and processes, and whether these enable effective climate change programming.

The report examines 26 climate change action investments valued at over $640 million, between 2006 and 2014 across a range of locations including Vietnam, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, the Philippines, PNG and the Pacific.

The evaluation finds the key characteristics of stronger performing investments include:

  • longer investment timeframes (five years or longer);
  • climate change risks are framed within the broader development goals of partner countries;
  • and there is a balance of technical and development expertise in design and implementation.

Among its recommendations is the need for DFAT to introduce an overarching strategy and implementation plan to inform its future climate change investments.


Literature review

Last Updated: 3 August 2018
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