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Evaluation of the Australia-Vietnam country strategy 2010–15

This evaluation assesses the effectiveness of the strategy and the results achieved through Australian aid up to 2013. As the current strategy period comes to an end, the evaluation aims to inform the development of a new Aid Investment Plan to guide the targeting and delivery of Australia's ongoing aid program with Vietnam.

The evaluation finds that the Australia-Vietnam country strategy 2010-15 was developed through a collaborative process which resulted in a robust framework for the Australia-Vietnam aid relationship. The implementation of the Australian aid program has been strong, with good achievements in sectors such as rural water and sanitation, infrastructure and scholarships. However, there is room for improvement in areas such as monitoring the outcomes of Australia's aid to Vietnam and integrating gender issues and the private sector into the aid program.

The evaluation makes four recommendations to strengthen future Australia-Vietnam Aid Investment Plans and the delivery of Australian aid to Vietnam. DFAT has accepted all four recommendations.

Last Updated: 22 July 2015
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