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Lighting up the end of the tunnel: Australian innovation in the mining manufacturing supply chain

Australian manufacturing businesses employ around 900,000 Australians (2018-2019). The manufacturing sector ’s future lies in embracing new technologies and developing high value-added products and services sought by the global market.

One company, based in Burnie, Tasmania is leading the export sector in design, production and modification of heavy machinery to equip the underground mining industry.

Elphinstone, is an advanced manufacturer for the global underground and surface mining and rail maintenance industries. The company is also a recognised Caterpillar OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) giving it the official backing of the global leader for product quality and service.

The Elphinstone® range of specialised support vehicles include agitator trucks, motor graders, scissor lifters, personnel carriers, delivery trucks, water cannons and water tanks.

45 years since Elphinstone ’s inception, mechanisation and automation has modernised the design and manufacturing process. Using diagnostic software to remotely monitor the health of the equipment assists customers to reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

Employing a highly skilled local workforce and engaging a largely domestic supply chain has shaped Elphinstone ’s evolution as a leader in Australian innovation. From their world class facility, the company has also been contracted to build Metro buses for the Tasmanian government and in previous years, mobile explosives manufacturing units for Orica.

Utilising Free Trade Agreements (FTA), the export of specialised machinery across the globe benefits companies like Elphinstone by reducing or eliminating certain barriers to international trade and investment. The company supplies diverse markets in the Americas, Africa and the Asia Pacific, proving entrepreneurship and forward thinking continues to advance Australian manufacturing globally.

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