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Empowering the world’s farmers through innovative tech

The COVID pandemic has affected everyone, but some groups have been hit especially hard. Owing to dramatic changes to supply chains, many farmers and agribusinesses worldwide were suddenly unable to sell their produce to existing buyers.

Photo of a person holding a piece of fruit and a phone with the AgUnity app open.
An African cocoa farmer utilises the AgUnity app to assist in selling his produce. Credit: AgUnity.

Queensland-based global tech company AgUnity quickly realised that this could have devastating impacts on rural communities and some of the world ’s most marginalised people.

AgUnity helps empower farmers and remote communities worldwide through digital products including an app that allows farmers to track sales of their products and connect with essential services.

In response to the pandemic, AgUnity launched subsidiary AgUnity Response. This subsidiary created a digital marketplace that links famers and co-ops to international buyers while providing contactless transactions.

AgUnity has since won two high-profile awards for its innovative business pivot and has been engaged on projects by governments and businesses around the world. These include a UK-led program in Uganda where AgUnity will support eight agribusinesses and 100,000 smallholder farmers affected by COVID-19.

“We decided that if there was a chance we could help small farmers in emerging markets continue to earn an income, and avoid financial hardship or worse, we were morally compelled to do so,” says David Davies, Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

“We are proud of the decision we took as a team to pivot towards the challenges presented by COVID-19, rather than shy away from them.”

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