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Vietnam Joint Donors' Support to National Target Program for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Phase 3: Completion Report and Management Response

Summary of publication

The National Target Program (NTP) sought to improve health and living conditions of the rural poor (including ethnic minorities, women and children) through:

  • improved water supply and sanitation
  • hygiene promotion, and
  • protection of the environment.

Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom together provided about USD 100 million in budget support for the third phase (2011-2015).

The Independent Completion Report notes that Australian support to the sector was aligned very well with Government of Vietnam (GoV) priorities, and contributed to sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

The budget support mechanism was effective and enabled the Program to achieve intended outcomes through consolidation of a range of available financial and technical resources. It was a suitable tool to promote greater private sector participation and help the GoV modernize its sector institutions at central, provincial and local levels.

In the Management Response, DFAT Management considered the report to be a thorough and high quality evaluation. The assessment of end-of-program objectives was sound and sufficiently supported by evidence.

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Last Updated: 3 January 2017
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