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Tonga Health Sector Support Program Phase 2: Evaluation report and management response

Summary of publication

The design of Tonga Health Systems Support Program Phase 2 (THSSP2) appropriately addresses the most significant health issues for Tonga, and implementation has largely delivered according to the design. The intended modality of "on plan, on budget, on system" was appropriate in terms of good development practice, but ambitious considering the limitations of elements of the Tonga public service, and this led to the use of some parallel systems for THSSP2. The Mid-Term Evaluation Team considers that the original design concepts are sound for a sector program, and that future work continue to focus on strengthening this approach, including improvements to: core planning and budgeting functions; effective governance and monitoring and evaluation, gender and social inclusion; and coordinating support to the Government of Tonga's medium term priorities in the sector.

Full publication

Management response

Last Updated: 20 August 2019
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