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Review of the Humanitarian Partnership Agreement (HPA)

Summary of publication

A review of the HPA, undertaken by Strategic Development Associates, was conducted to:

  1. determine whether the three main outcomes of delivering rapid emergency assistance, collaborative Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Risk Management activities and strategic dialogue were achieved; and
  2. to identify lessons learned from the HPA to inform a design process for emergency response and DRR and DRM.

The review report provides fourteen recommendations based on the independent assessment of outcomes and lessons to inform a future design. Recommendations were grouped into three separate areas: considerations for the new design, DFAT's approach to the design and management of the current HPA phase.

DFAT's management response agreed with ten recommendations, partially agreed to two and indicated that agreement to a further two is subject to discussions with HPA members.

DFAT agreed to all recommendations within the design section.

Recommendations 8 and 9, within DFAT's approach to the design, were around minimum levels and longer term funding. DFAT partially agreed to these recommendations subject to the annual government appropriation process. The other two recommendations within this section were agreed by DFAT.

The two recommendations which relate to the current HPA phase, have funding implications and consideration and agreement to these recommendations would be subject to further conversations with existing HPA members.

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DFAT management response

ACFID management response

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Last Updated: 14 August 2015
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