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Strategic Review Report: Australia's investments in basic education in Indonesia

Innovation for Indonesia's School Children (INOVASI), Technical Assistance for System Strengthening (TASS), and World Bank Trust Fund for Improving Dimensions of Teaching, Education Management, and Learning Environment (ID-TEMAN)

Summary of publication

Australia has provided support to the education sector in Indonesia for over two decades. The current strategy supports Indonesia's own systems to improve quality of education by using their own funds in ways that are efficient and effective. This review considered the three main investments in the sector: INOVASI, ($49 million, implemented by a Contractor), TASS ($11.9 million implemented by a Contractor) and ID-TEMAN ($9 million, implemented by the World Bank).

The Review assessed the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the current investments in the changing context, and identified lessons learnt and potential improvements in design, governance and management. A two-person independent team consulted over 220 individuals and analysed more than 50 planning and reporting documents. Site visits were conducted jointly with DFAT Post and implementation teams in 8 schools and local government offices in 4 Provinces.

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Management response

Last Updated: 6 September 2019
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