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Australian Ambassadors and other representatives

Consul-General in the United States of America, Honolulu

Ms Jane Hardy


Ms Hardy is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was most recently Assistant Secretary, Arms Control and Counter-Proliferation Branch. She has held a range of positions including Assistant Secretary United States Branch, Assistant Secretary Strategic and Intelligence Liaison Branch and Director of the Nuclear Policy and Koreas sections. She has previously served as Australia's Ambassador to Spain, Andorra and Equatorial Guinea, and Counsellor in Australia's embassies in Washington and Seoul.

Prior to Australian Government service, Ms Hardy worked in the overseas aid NGO sector, and lectured in fine arts. She is a published author on Australian indigenous art and aid programs. Ms Hardy holds a Masters of Arts degree from Monash University; a Graduate Diploma (Foreign Affairs and Trade) from the Australian National University; a Bachelor of Arts from Flinders University; and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Australia.


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