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Information for foreign representatives

Honours and awards

Australian honours system

Information about the Australian honours system can be found on the It's An Honour page of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet's website.

Acceptance of foreign awards by Australians

With the exceptions listed below, Australians do not require the Australian Government's approval to accept and wear a foreign award, provided the award is listed on the approved schedule published by Government House.

Approval is required for:

  • Federal Members of Parliament and Senators – Senators and Members of Parliament should be informed in advance to avoid any potential for conflict of interest
  • DFAT officers – requests for approval should be directed to Protocol Branch at
  • Australian Defence Force personnel potential recipients must apply to

Foreign awards that allow the use of post-nominal or honorary titles in their country of origin can be accepted on the understanding that use of such titles by Australians in Australia will not be recognised officially.

Missions and posts are requested to inform the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, Government House, Canberra, of awards bestowed on Australians. Questions relating to foreign awards can be directed to the It's An Honour website.

Last Updated: 8 January 2018
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