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Information for foreign representatives

Frequently asked questions


I have a diplomatic visa, but I wish to apply for a different kind of Australian visa. Can I have both?

You cannot have more than one Australian visa, even if you have multiple passports. If you are granted another kind of visa, this will cancel your diplomatic visa and your accreditation will be affected.

You must tell Protocol Branch if you change your visa, or if any of your family members do so.

My diplomatic visa will expire before my posting finishes. When and how should I apply for a new visa?

Your mission or consulate should send a note verbale to Protocol Branch requesting a new visa around four weeks before the 'Last date to arrive' date in your current visa.

If you will be outside Australia when your visa expires, it is best to seek a new visa before you travel.

My family members do not reside with me in Australia. Can they have diplomatic visas to come and visit me?

No. Your relatives should apply for visitor visas from an Australian mission or consulate overseas, or online at

I have lost my visa grant notice (VGN). May I have another copy?

You can download your visa details from the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system on the Home Affairs website.

You will need to have your passport details to log into the system.

I have been issued with a new passport and my diplomatic visa is now on my cancelled/expired passport. Do I need to get a new visa?

No. Your mission or post should send a note verbale to Protocol Branch requesting that your existing visa be linked to your new passport. A copy of the personal data page of your new passport should be attached to the note. We will send you a letter confirming that your diplomatic visa has been linked to your new passport.

Changes to family circumstances

I have just had a baby in Australia. Must I get an Australia visa for the baby?

Yes, the baby needs a diplomatic visa. Your mission or post should send a note verbale to Protocol Branch, with a copy of the personal data page in the baby's passport and a copy of the Australian birth certificate.

My family members are leaving Australia before I complete my posting. Must I inform Protocol Branch?

Yes. Your relatives' diplomatic visas will be ceased because they are no longer members of your household. If they wish to return to Australia for any reason, they will need to apply for appropriate visas from the Department of Home Affairs.

Identity cards

I have lost my identity card. Can it be replaced?

Yes. You should notify the police of the loss and send a copy of the police report to Protocol Branch with a request for a replacement card.

Find more information regarding protocol processes in the Protocol Guidelines.

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Last Updated: 15 January 2018
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