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Program released for the Big Meet 2021 – Register today to secure your spot

The ‘Big Meet’ is DFAT's fifth annual development supplier event and the first to be held solely online. The Big Meet is the premier conference for DFAT and commercial development suppliers looking to collaborate, engage and maximise business networking and get updates on implementation of the development program.

At the ‘Big Meet’ we will have up to 40 exhibitors from commercial suppliers, non-government organisations, Indigenous businesses and academic institutions. These suppliers are delivering aid and development and/or international business services across various sectors including professional consulting, education, health and construction in the Indo-Pacific region.

Attendance at the event is free, but prior registration is vital. Please register here: THE BIG MEET 2021 to ensure your spot on the day.

We understand that work commitments and time zones mean that some attendees cannot attend for some or all of the day. Because of this we are making the videos and tradeshow booth material available for two weeks following the event, to allow maximum engagement with the conference information.

Registrations will close on Wednesday 10 November. Only participants who have registered will be able to join on the day or review any material on the site in the days after.

*Please note the Big Meet will run all day (9am-3pm AEDT).

If you have any questions about the event, please direct them to

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