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Tonga Resource Platform

DFAT has a requirement for a contractor to design and implement the Tonga Australia Resource Platform (TRP). This requirement is aligned with the DFAT's Partnerships for Recovery Strategy, the Pacific Step-Up, supporting the Tonga COVID-19 Development Response Plan and the recovery from TC Harold.

The TRP aims to deliver development programs and enabling services including:

  1. A coherent set of skills and activities leading to increased employment and income generation, including in Australia's labour mobility programs;
  2. Deployment of technical specialists, program management and monitoring and evaluation (MEL) capabilities for the Tonga Economic Governance Support Program;
  3. Deployment of technical specialists, program management and MEL capabilities for the Tonga Health Systems Support Program Phase 3; and
  4. Administrative and implementation support to enhance gender-based violence prevention and women's economic empowerment in Tonga through NGOs.

The program has five preliminary End of Program Outcomes:

  1. Tongan women and men gaining more equitable access to quality and demand-driven skills contributing to economic growth.
  2. Labour mobility participants receive work-readiness and reintegration support which increases their prospects for participation in Australia's labour mobility schemes and fosters their sustained economic independence on their return home.
  3. Effective implementation of a medium-term program of reforms to strengthen revenue, effectively manage government expenditure, reduce debt and promote private sector growth through performance-linked budget support, technical assistance and training.
  4. Delivery of a more effective, efficient and equitable health system, which reduces the health and economic burden of non-communicable diseases in Tonga.
  5. Support for delivery of ongoing effective and efficient gender and women's economic empowerment programs in Tonga.

It is anticipated that the budget for the TRP will be up to AUD50 million in value and run for up to eight years (four plus four).

It is expected that a Request for Tender (RFT) for the TRP will be issued in May - June 2021.

This note is provided to market for planning purposes only and it does not represent solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment to purchase or tender for any described services. The scale, scope and focus of any proposed program may change at any time and is subject to formal approval before any procurement process will commence.

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