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Trade and investment

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

Supports the promotion of clean energy technologies and renewables to help address climate change impacts and the region’s energy transition.

IPEF is a contemporary approach to regional trade and investment that opens the door to new and innovative forms of economic cooperation.

IPEF will seek to accelerate growth in the digital economy, unlock green trade and investment opportunities, and improve labour and environment standards across the region.

Brings together some of our region’s largest and most dynamic economies that account for around 40 per cent of global GDP and include eight of Australia’s top 10 merchandise trading partners.

Reduces trade barriers, boosts digital trade, and improves transparency and good governance to help create a fairer and more level playing field.

Improves regional trade and investment conditions and strengthens our collective resilience, such as how we respond to disruptions and address logistical and infrastructure constraints.

Australian Government
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Trade and Investment Commission

Updated: November 2022

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