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Australia-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

Australia-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Australia's largest trade and investment partner in the Middle East. With $9.3 billion in two-way goods and services trade in 2022, the UAE is Australia's 19th largest trading partner globally. Key Australian exports to the UAE include alumina, meat, oil seeds, and higher education. UAE investment in Australia totalled $12.6 billion in 2022.

On 13 December 2023 Australia and the UAE announced the commencement of negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement – a bilateral free trade agreement – that will lay the groundwork for closer economic ties.

Stakeholder consultation process

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) welcomes submissions from interested stakeholders on a prospective CEPA with the UAE. In your submission, you may wish to focus on specific market access barriers and other issues of importance in doing business with the UAE. This includes information on tariff and non-tariff barriers to goods trade, barriers and other issues affecting services trade, and barriers to investment.

The information stakeholders provide will assist the Government in determining Australia's key priorities as we negotiate a CEPA with the UAE.

Written submissions may take several forms – from a short email through to a more comprehensive analytical paper.

All submissions will be treated as public and may be published on this website, unless the author specifically requests that the submission, or part thereof, be handled in confidence. Unless otherwise requested, DFAT will publish the submission and the name of the submitting organisation or individual on its website.

DFAT will not edit submissions prior to publishing. All details that have been included in a submission, including contact information, will be available on the DFAT website.

Submitters may request that all, or part, of a submission be treated as confidential. Material supplied in-confidence should be clearly marked 'IN CONFIDENCE' and be provided in a separate attachment to non-confidential material.

By making a submission, the author(s) agree to their submission, or part thereof, being used by the Commonwealth of Australia for Commonwealth purposes.

Written submissions can be emailed.

DFAT is also seeking submissions to help inform the Australian Government's approach to a potential future resumption of negotiations on an Australia-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Free Trade Agreement. Further information is available at Australia-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) FTA.

DFAT will continue to provide information and updates on this website as negotiations progress. Requests for additional information can be made by email to

Submissions received [PDF]

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