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Fourth TAFTA Joint Commission meeting

Delegation at the fourth TAFTA Joint Commission meeting

Senior officials from Australia and Thailand met at the Fourth TAFTA Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) on 2 March 2023 in Bangkok. Officials acknowledged the strong bilateral trade relationship facilitated by the effective implementation of TAFTA. Officials discussed strengthening cooperation through regional and multilateral forums. The JCM endorsed the updates of the product specific rules in line with the latest World Customs Organization codes to facilitate trade in goods and explored how Parties can continue to benefit from TAFTA. Parties discussed preparation for the elimination of remaining TAFTA tariff rate quotas and improving two-way trade in services. Australia will host the next JCM in 2024.

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Third TAFTA Joint Commission meeting

Thailand hosted the third TAFTA Joint Commission meeting on 21 June 2012 in Bangkok. The Joint Commission meeting resulted in progress towards the two reviews mandated under TAFTA – a general review and a review of its provisions on special agricultural safeguards – and improved implementation procedures.

The reviews were progressed by officials in 2013 with meetings of the TAFTA Expert Group on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Food Standards (15-16 July) and Market Access Implementing Committee (26 July).

The Experts Group meeting provided a platform for Thailand and Australia to discuss their respective market access priorities. Australia presented information to support more favourable import protocols for fresh fruit exports to Thailand. As a result, officials from Thailand's Department of Agriculture agreed to participate in a workshop in Brisbane on technical biosecurity protocols relevant to Australia's horticulture exports.

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