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Procedures for determining breaches of the APS Code of Conduct and for determining sanction


These procedures apply in determining whether a person who is an Australian Public Service (APS) employee in DFAT, or who is a former APS employee who was employed in DFAT at the time of the suspected misconduct, has breached the APS Code of Conduct (the Code) in section 13 of the Act.

These procedures also apply in determining any sanction to be imposed on an APS employee in DFAT who has been found to have breached the Code.

These procedures do not apply in determining whether an APS employee in DFAT has breached the Code, or in determining any sanction for a breach of the Code, where the decision to begin the process of determining whether there was a breach of the Code was made before 22 December 2020. In these circumstances, the previous procedures made by DFAT will continue to apply until the process is concluded.

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