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Timor-Leste PARTISIPA Interim Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan

Summary of publication

This document outlines the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan (MELP) for PARTISIPA, which will run from mid-2019 to mid-2021. The MELP describes the PARTISIPA approach to tracking and assessing progress towards outcomes and performance targets.

This document includes the following sections:

  • Theory of Change (ToC): This section presents the program’s hypothesis of how change will happen, in order to contribute to the identified end-of-program outcomes;
  • Scope: This section covers the purpose, audience, and boundaries of the MELP;
  • Key Evaluation Questions and sub-questions: This section presents the KEQs for each outcome with corresponding indicators;
  • Methods: This section provides details on implementation of this MELP - data collection methods, identifying tools, responsibilities and timing;
  • Learning and dissemination: This section describes how M&E processes will feed into learning and dissemination;
  • Implementation: This section defines the resources available and the roles and responsibilities for implementing the MELP;
  • Timeline for implementation: This section defines the schedule for implementation of key MELP activities.

As a living document, PARTISIPA will continue review the MELP and make any amendments as necessary.

Full publication

Timor-Leste PARTISIPA Interim Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan [DOCX 180 KB]

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