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Timor-Leste PARTISIPA 2021-2031 Design Document

Summary of publication

Australia has an abiding interest in working with the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) to achieve its goal of a prosperous and strong nation. PARTISIPA is a new ten-year AUD80 million investment (2021-2031) to assist the GoTL to improve the access and quality of basic infrastructure and services, in support of stability, human development and economic growth.

PARTISIPA will work in partnership with national and subnational governments to strengthen policies, systems and skills to improve the delivery of decentralised services and village level infrastructure. Improving the operations and maintenance of rural water will be a priority. PARTISIPA will continue Australia’s long-term support for the national village development program and its critical community driven development processes to enhance community resilience, social inclusion and economic opportunity.

Full publication

Timor-Leste PARTISIPA 2021-2031 Design Document [DOCX 880 KB]

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