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Mid Term Review: Gender Responsive Equitable - Agriculture & Tourism Program and Management Response

Summary of publication

The Gender Responsive Equitable Agriculture Tourism (GREAT) program (2017-2022) aims to improve the social and economic status of ethnic minority women living in northwest Vietnam by increasing their beneficial engagement in agriculture and tourism markets. It focuses on supporting ethnic minority women in Son La and Lao Cai provinces of Vietnam improve their technical knowledge, access to finance, market information, support services, and linkages with the private sector in agriculture and tourism. Private sector actors are also supported to operate in more gender-responsive ways and sustainably engage with ethnic minority women for mutual benefit. The program supports Lao Cai and Son La government agencies in designing and implementing more inclusive socio-economic policies and programs.

An Independent Mid-Term Review (MTR) of GREAT was completed on 2 July 2021. The review assessed the program implementation to make recommendations for improvement and provided analysis to inform DFAT's decision on extending the program for an additional five years.

Overall, the MTR found that GREAT remains highly relevant to Australia’s strategic policy framework, Vietnam socio-economic development agenda, and needs of ethnic minority women. MTR’s findings and recommendations were fully used for the design of the next phase of GREAT until 2027. A management response to the MTR was finalised in January 2022

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