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Australia’s Development Program - Tier 2 Results 2021-2023

A three-tier framework was used for reporting progress on the overall context, annual results and effectiveness of Australia’s COVID-19 development response efforts under Partnerships for Recovery.

Tier 2 results are annual results directly attributable to Australia’s COVID-19 development efforts. The results are organised against the three action areas of Partnerships for Recovery - Health Security, Stability and Economic Recovery.  Tier 2 results report against fifteen indicators.

From 2023-24, Tier 2 results will be reported for an expanded set of indicators under Australia’s international development policy and associated Performance and Delivery Framework

2021-22 Tier 2 results

Tier 2 full results [PDF 470 KB]

Text breakdown

2022-23 Tier 2 results

These results are available in Chapter 1 of the Performance of Australian Development Cooperation 2022-23 report. 

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Australia’s three-tier framework

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