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Solomon Islands Internship Training Program (SIITP) independent review report and management response

Summary of publication

Over the past year, the Solomon Islands Internship Training Program (SIITP) has grown to 59 participants (up from 39 in 2017) including 22 second year interns, 18 first year interns and 19 trainee interns. There are 47 Cuban trained graduates, eight graduates from Fiji universities, three from Taiwan, and one from the People's Republic of China.
There are three main components of the SIITP:

  • The Induction Program is a 1 week program preceding the 1 week Institute of Public Administration   Management (IPAM) Public Service training
  • The Bridging Program a 12 month program with core specialities
  • The Internship Program a two year program with core and minor specialities

This report focuses its review on two key components of the SIITP. The Bridging Program and Internship Program proper. Intrinsically linked with the SIITP is the Solomon Islands Graduate Internship Supervision and Support Project (SIGISSP). A DFAT funded initiative, the primary purpose of SIGISSP is to place skilled medical professionals (Mentors) in the Solomon Islands to help the MHMS (Ministry Health and Medical Services) to support, supervise, train and assess new medical graduates through their bridging programs and internships. A secondary role of the ‘skilled medical professionals’ is to provide additional clinical and health workforce management support to MHMS, as required and support the development of key systems, processes and protocols at the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

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