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Erub artists feature at Le Havre Natural History Museum in France

Erub Island is part of the Torres Strait Islands and is home to approximately 400 Erubam le (people) from four tribal groups. Surrounded by fringing reef and traditional stone fish traps, Erub culture is rich with stories of creation and events which are passed down through song and dance, ensuring cultural traditions live on.

This year, as part of the Australia now France program, Erub artists will feature in a major exhibition at the Le Havre Natural History Museum in France. The artists were delighted to work with curator Geraldine Le Roux on an ambitious ghost net project that saw their work commissioned to create a magnificent dolphin (Bid Paikai).

The project has brought together a number of the people and groups who originally facilitated the Ghost Net Art Projects previously. The exhibition will feature two life size dolphins (another by Ghost Net Art Project), Waumer (frigate birds) and numerous other fascinating marine life forms.

Erub Art art work of a dolphin
Photo credits: Bid Paikai, Collaborative ghost net commission for Le Havre Natural History Museum, France. Image: Lynnette Griffiths Erub Arts team with the collaboration from the At Home Together project at Kemus. Image: Erub Arts

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