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2019 ACDGP grantees

Out Of Chaos...

Stripped back and raw, this is acrobatics and physical theatre at its best. Out Of Chaos... is Australian acrobatics troupe, Gravity & Other Myths, boldest and most ambitious work yet. Their new show is hard-edged and combines explosive acrobatics with philosophical references to birth, death and primordial physics. The grant has allowed the troupe to tour France in 2020 and perform on the world stage, at the Cherbourg Spring Festival.

Sector: Circus, physical theatre, music and performance

Grantee: Gravity & Other Myths

Project description

At its conceptual centre, the show is a story of how things come together. People, planets and plans. Audience, performer, sound and light. The thoughts that shape us and in turn define how we make sense of our inner and outer worlds. Punctuated by intimate verbal confessions and insights into what it feels like to be an acrobat on stage in real time, the performers want to connect with the audience in new and unique ways.

The performance oscillates between chaotic creation stories and an ordered scientific understanding of the world and life, all the while hinting at the strange space between knowing and contemplating our mortal significance.

The Cherbourg Spring Festival is one of the leading platforms for circus and physical theatre in the world, and attracts programmers and venues from Europe and beyond. As well as the prestige of performing at the festival, the exposure will create market development opportunities for future Australian performers, particularly ahead of Australia now hosted by France in 2021.

Project start-end dates: March 2020

Country: France

Total project value: $40,882

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grant: $24,140

Facebook: @GOMcircus,

Instagram: @gomcircus

Twitter: Gravity&OtherMyths and DFAT


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