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2019 ACDGP grantees

Going global: Australian contemporary music culture in China

With the support of Asialink, Australian and Chinese indie musicians and music industry professionals will work together to develop the market for Australian contemporary music in China.

Photo of Higher Brothers performing onstage infront of a large crowd with lights beaming everywhere.
Hip-hip group, Higher Brother perform in Shanghai, 2017. Photo by Xin Gu.

Sector: Hip hop music and dance

Grantee: Monash University

Project description

The Australia Council’s 2019 report Born Global: Australian music exports estimated the export value of the Australian music industry at approximately $195 million and identified the Asia-Pacific as an untapped opportunity. The project assist Australian indie musicians to develop strategies and support their creativity to successfully tap into the growing Chinese interest in Australian indie music, one of the largest music industry markets in the Asia-Pacific.

Through building people-to-people links in China, the project aims to build sustainability of export success in the Australian music industry, enabling emerging talent to make music locally and then export Australian sonic culture to an international audience. With a focus on indigenous musicians the project will facilitate opportunities to develop professional networks and spend time in China. The tour to major Chinese cities, such as Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai will enable the artists to connect with musicians, distributors, streaming platforms, venues and managers.

Project start-end dates: October 2019 – November 2020

Country: Australia and China

Total project value: $55,000

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grant: $55,000

Website: China Music Now 2019

Twitter: Asialink Arts, Monash Arts, Xin Gu, #chinamusicnow and DFAT




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