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2016 ACDGP grantees

Australian Music Industry South American Trade Mission

Project summary

Australian artists Peking Duk, Cloud Control, Money for Rope and Applonia performing at NH7 Weekender Festival, Mumbai, November 2014. Credit: Ben Dennis

Sector: Arts and Culture

Art form or genre: Music

Country location: Brazil, Chile, Argentina

Grantee: Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd

Project Description

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is a joint export music market development initiative of the Australia Council and APRA AMCOS. In December 2016 SOUNDS AUSTRALIA will lead a trade delegation of Australian music industry professionals to South America for twelve days to participate in existing music conference events in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The tour will also include targeted workshops, showcases and networking meetings designed to provide an overview and introduction of Australian music to the emerging South American market.

The trade delegation tour is designed to establish and strengthen long-term business connections in South America and to identify local partners is key to Australia's success in these emerging markets. The proposed SOUNDS AUSTRALIA South American Trade Mission will present a cost effective reconnaissance opportunity, setting a strong foundation for reciprocal business and cultural outcomes.

Social media accounts: Website, Twitter, Instagram,Facebook

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program grant offer: $60,000 plus $6,000 GST

Total project value: $60,000

Last Updated: 19 August 2016
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