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NCP Scholarship connects with Andy Tran’s sense of curiosity

For 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholar Andy Tran, the opportunity to live in and explore a new country whilst gaining practical industry experience through internship placements drew him to apply.

The University of Adelaide Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Chemical) and Bachelor of Finance student is passionate about the environment and the world around him. “I am a very curious person and welcome opportunities to learn and challenge myself. I love solving problems and aspire to be a process engineer, where I can focus on developing efficiencies to maximise the use of the world’s resources.”

Andy’s thirst for solving real-world problems took him to Nepal in 2018 with an NCP Mobility Grant. He worked with residents of a small Nepalese village to design a solution to take advantage of tourism and increase local employment in the area as part of an Engineers Without Borders’ Humanitarian Design Summit. “I lived with a local family and learned about life in the village, how to make Nepalese bread and ghee, as well as some local signature dance moves.”

“This travel has shown me one thing; to keep an open mind. My most memorable experiences have come from unexpected places.”

Andy will undertake his NCP program in Taiwan and study at National Taiwan University. “I chose Taiwan because I have always been interested in its history and culture. I have never been there, but am excited to explore the night markets, study Mandarin and make connections with Taiwanese people. I am eager to learn about their way of life, and to share my own with them.” Andy is also looking forward to the hands-on work experience in Taiwan and across the Indo-Pacific region.  “I am excited to experience working life by making the most of the engineering internship opportunities that await.”

Andy Tran in a lab exercising his skills as a Chemical Engineering.
Andy Tran is a Chemical Engineering and Finance student at the University of Adelaide. Credit: River Pachulicz.

Despite not being able to travel to Taiwan yet, Andy has already formed connections through the NCP. “I have met with officials from the Taiwan Cultural Office and the other Taiwan scholars and alumni, all of whom are absolutely passionate and incredible people. I have connected with people from across Australia. It is always interesting to hear about other people’s journeys. They’re all so diverse, with scholars and officials of different backgrounds and fields sharing experiences all over Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.”

For other students considering applying for NCP, Andy’s advice is to be passionate about your host location, field of study and aspirations. “Demonstrate how the NCP program can help develop relations between you and your host location, as well as your personal and professional goals,” Andy says. “Let your personality and ambition shine through your application and interview.”

Andy will commence his Scholarship in Taiwan when travel is possible.

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