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FAQs – 2024 Grant Round

What do I need to do to apply?

Before applying, please read the Australia-Japan Foundation Grant Guidelines thoroughly and log onto SmartyGrants to access and view the application form.

What's the eligibility criteria?

Please read Section 4: Eligibility criteria on pages 6 and 7 of the grant guidelines. We can't consider your application if it doesn't satisfy all eligibility criteria.

What's the deadline for applications?

You must submit your application via SmartyGrants by 14.00 (AEST) on Wednesday 21 August 2024. Late applications will not be accepted.

When will I find out the outcomes of the grant round?

We expect to notify successful and unsuccessful applicants by late October 2024. If you're successful, we expect that you'd be able to commence your grant activity in the 2024-25 financial year. Please read Section 7.3 of the grant guidelines for information on the timing of grant opportunity processes.

When would I get my grant funding?

We anticipate that grant funding will be available from November 2024. Successful grantees will need to negotiate a grant agreement that will determine the exact timing of when the payment will occur.

Grant funding will not be paid until a grant agreement has been executed by both parties.

Can I apply if I have an existing grant?

You may apply in the 2024-25 grant round if you have an existing grant that has not yet been completed, noting that:

  • we would not be able to enter into a new grant agreement until you've completed your existing project and provided a satisfactory acquittal
  • the new grant activity could only commence once we've entered into the new grant agreement, and the activity would have to commence before the end of June 2025.

You're not eligible to apply if you've failed to provide a full and proper acquittal of any other International Relations Grant Program (IRGP) grant.

Can an Australian and Japanese partner apply for the same project?

If you and your Australian or Japanese partner would like to submit an application for a project, you'll need to decide which side would be the leading organisation to manage and administer the grant. Only the lead organisation would enter into a grant agreement with the Commonwealth and be responsible for the grant. The lead organisation must complete the application form and identify all other members in the application. Applying from both sides doesn't make your application stronger.

Applicants should not ‘double-dip’ by obtaining funding for the same grant activity from more than one source of funding. When submitting your grant application, you will be required to provide information on other fundings that you have applied for. If you are successful in obtaining more than one funding, you will need to decide which one you will accept and notify all relevant parties.

Does my activity or collaboration have to take place in Australia or Japan?

Your activity or collaboration can take place in either Australia or Japan, or both. However, you must clearly set out how this will occur.

What's the maximum duration of the grant?

The standard grant period is one year. The maximum grant period is across three years of multi-year funding. Multi-year grants are only awarded in exceptional cases.

You must complete your grant/project by the end date designated in your grant agreement.

How much funding can I apply for?

In 2024-25, a total pool of approximately $780,000 is available for this grant opportunity. We'll consider grant applications for a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000 per year.

Your activity and the funding you apply for will be assessed for value with money. The AJF should not be the sole funding source for a project. Co-contributions from applicants and other parties strengthen an application and are strongly encouraged.

The final funding amount you receive is at the discretion of the program delegate.

Will I get the whole grant amount I apply for?

If successful, the full funding amount you apply for is not automatically awarded. After assessment, the program delegate will make the final decision on eligible expenditure and may seek to negotiate alternate funding amounts depending on the activity.

What supporting documents do I need to provide with my application?

A list of attachments/supporting documents can be found in Section 7.1 and 7.2 on page 11 of the grant guidelines and in the application form. We'll contact you if we require additional supporting documents.

Can the grant money be used to purchase economy class airfares only, or can we claim for economy class airfares and fly business class if we cover the difference?  

Eligible air transportation is limited to the economy class fare for each sector travelled; where non-economy class air transport is used, only the equivalent of an economy fare for that sector is eligible expenditure and you'll require evidence showing what an economy airfare costs for the time of travel. We'll consider value with money and appropriate, reasonable and realistic costings.

What is considered as reasonable travel costs/expense?

The ATO Tax Determination can be used as a guide, but should not be the sole guidance as we understand that sometimes it may not be possible to secure accommodation within the limits. We suggest you compare various options for the same service/item and consider the one that is appropriate, reasonable, realistic and value with money. Please keep evidence of these expenses and comparisons.

Can we seek funding to cover the cost of visas?

You may seek funding to cover the cost of visas for participant’s travel if it is directly related to achieving your project outcomes.

Can we seek funding for more than one participant for our conference/event?

You may seek funding to cover costs for more than one participant for the conference/event that you are holding as the main grant activity/purpose of your project if they are key speakers and/or directly involved in the activity relevant to the grant opportunity.

We don't solely fund travel and accommodation for attendance at conferences or meetings, participation in fieldwork or sporting or other events, unless such activities are considered by the assessment committee to be of direct relevance to the grant opportunity. Please read Section 5 of the grant guidelines for details on what the grant money can and can't be used for.

We strongly encourage co-contributions from partners and will consider value with money and appropriate, reasonable and realistic costings.

Can we seek funding for retrospective costs for travel or events that will occur as part of future project activity, e.g. airline tickets or venue hire deposits?

You can seek funding for costs paid towards future travel/events that form part of the project activity. However, you cannot claim the costs for activities that have already taken place.

Can you advise on our proposed application and what my chances would be for being successful?

As this is a competitive grant round, we cannot comment on your eligibility or chances of being successful. Please read through our website, the grant guidelines and the preview of the SmartyGrants application form to assess your eligibility, if your project proposal would meet the objectives of the AJF, and to view previous successful grants.

I would like to participate in the Osaka Expo 2025. Can I apply for AJF grant to get funding for my project?

Australia will be participating in World Expo 2025 to be hosted by Japan in Osaka, Kansai from 13 April to 13 October 2025. Applications in this round that support AJF priorities and include options or elements to take place at the Expo will be considered.

Please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website and Australia at Expo 2025 Osaka for further information on Australia’s participation at World Expo 2025.

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