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Australian Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on the enjoyment with the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons

21 September 2020

Australia thanks the Independent Expert for her report. We welcome the report's focus on the role of data collection in the full realisation of human rights, and on the implications of data gaps pertaining to older persons.

We agree that data is crucial to developing evidence-informed policies. Australia has a well-developed system of data collection, reporting and analysis. This enables the development of targeted programmes that employ multidisciplinary approaches to address critical health, social and economic challenges and support the full realisation and enjoyment of their human rights. Australia's GEN website1 provides comprehensive data and information about aged care services in Australia, and reports on capacity and activity in the aged care system focusing on the people, their care assessments and the services they use.

We share the Independent Expert's concern over specific data gaps related to violence, neglect and abuse of older persons. Such violence is often invisible when it occurs within families, and data gaps can exacerbate this issue. We would welcome advice on how initiatives within the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing may address data gaps on the lived experiences and enjoyment of human rights of older persons?


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