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Australian Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Central African Republic

Australia thanks the Independent Expert for his report.

Australia acknowledges the efforts made by the Central African Republic (CAR) to implement the 2019 Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation. However, we remain concerned about ongoing violations of this Agreement and reiterate calls for both sides to fully implement the ceasefire.

We call on the CAR to protect civilians from human rights abuses and violations, including sexual violence, and to make full use of the Special Criminal Court and the International Criminal Court to hold perpetrators to account.

Australia recognises the CAR’s progress in preparing for presidential and legislative elections in December. We urge the CAR to ensure the elections are free and transparent. Credible elections in which all citizens, including refugees and displaced people, are able to vote will be an important milestone in the CAR’s transition to a peaceful and stable future.

We ask what actions are being taken to ensure the participation of all groups in the election including people from rural areas, women, young people, and those who have been displaced?

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